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Two Hearts Pendant

Limited Edition #4

Modern Violet & Silver Two Hearts Pendant - WireWire Design Studio
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WireWire Design Studio jewelry is gift ready, coming in a bag and box with a free sticker and an anti-tarnish bag.

WireWire Design Studio Two Hearts is a collectible, handcrafted pendant, made with Argentium Silver wire and Preciosa crystals.

It is part of Limited Edition #4 and only 720 pieces in this color combination will be made.


Argentium Silver is hypoallergenic, nickel-free metal, which is brighter and whiter than white gold, platinum, palladium or traditional sterling silver. Also, Argentium Silver is highly resistant to corrosion and less likely to tarnish than sterling silver.

Preciosa is a luxury brand and leading international glass and crystal manufacturer.


This pendant comes with a complimentary sterling silver necklace. Complimentary necklace is not made by WireWire Design Studio.


WireWire Design Studio jewelry is collectible, made in small, limited edition and it will be only yours. Each piece comes with an authenticity card, serial number, and signed by the artisan.

WireWire Design Studio jewelry is also gift ready, coming in a bag and box with a free sticker and an anti-tarnish bag.


Please understand that handcrafted goods will never be exactly alike and because of that, please expect some variances in the shape, color and in the wire and bicone alignment.

Actual product colors and design may vary from the images shown.


Our jewelry is delicate and not made to be worn in water. Also, be sure to remove the jewelry before going to bed, before physical activity or before applying cosmetics, creams, perfumes and similar products.


Some people are allergic to the metals and finishes commonly used in making jewelry.

Prior to making a purchase, the consumer's responsibility is to be aware of any allergies to metals or finishes she or he may have.

WireWire Design Studio will not be held liable for any allergic reactions that may occur as a result of wearing our jewelry.


Every WireWire Design Studio pendant is a lovingly handcrafted piece of art, designed and made in California, USA.

Two Hearts pendant + Complimentary sterling silver necklace

Pendant width: approx. 41 mm

Pendant height: approx. 44 mm

Materials: Argentium Silver, Preciosa Crystals

Pendant wire color: Silver

Preciosa crystals: 3 mm Violet AB Bicone

Made to Order

Price: $243 + tax

Trendy Silver & Violet Two Hearts Pendant - WireWire Design Studio
WireWire Design Studio Packaging

Thank you for choosing our jewelry.

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