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About WireWire Design Studio

Hello and welcome to WireWire Design Studio Showroom.

I’m Alen, artisan and owner behind WireWire Design Studio.
There is very little in this world that takes my breath away quite like an object that was made with love, care and passion. That is why every WireWire Design Studio piece of jewelry is a lovingly handcrafted piece of art, designed and made by me with great attention to detail and with outstanding craftsmanship.

I’m using a unique method of wire wrapping to create my jewelry art. While some wire wrapping involves a frame of thick wire wrapped in thinner wire, I’m using several layers of thin wire to give my jewelry an elegant and cohesive finished look. Plus, this method breaks the light to make colors seem almost magical with more dynamic depth.

Some of my jewelry is inspired by Croatia and feature elements of my homeland such as the Zagreb region’s Licitar heart, the UNESCO World Heritage List Island of Pag’s precious lace, and the Necktie, which was created by the Croats. Other jewelry from WireWire Design Studio lends to customs and holidays observed around the world.

WireWire Design Studio jewelry is collectible, made in small, limited edition and it will be only yours. Each piece comes with an authenticity card, serial number, and signed by me.

WireWire Design Studio jewelry is also gift ready, coming in a bag and box with a free sticker and an anti-tarnish bag.

If you are looking for a collectible, unique and timeless piece of jewelry for yourself or your loved one, look no further.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you for visiting WireWire Design Studio Showroom.

Best wishes,


Thank you for choosing our jewelry.

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